Educational Travel to Visit the Great Museums of Rome |

The wonderful thing about educational travel is that it takes you to the greatest cities in the world and gives you the opportunity to see the world’s treasures. Art students visiting Rome will be entranced by the incredible art exhibited there, as well as the buildings that it is exhibited in. Whether your tastes are for classical or contemporary art you will find plenty in this magical city to interest you.Classical ArtOf course, when considering what art you will see in Rome your first thoughts are likely to turn towards the Italian Masters, of which there are many. One museum that will fulfil your expectations of the incredible work of the Masters is the Borghese Gallery. It is housed in a beautiful classical villa and was opened to the public in 1903. It was created to hold the collection started by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, who was the nephew of Pope Paul V; the building itself was built from sketches by the Cardinal who wanted a party villa on the edge of Rome. It is indeed on the edge of 17th century Rome and was described in 1644 as ‘an Elysium of delight’ by the chronicler of 17th century life, John Evelyn.

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The collection has grown over the years and contains many wonderful works of art. The pieces are spread over 20 rooms, with the main floor being dedicated to antiquities from the 1st to the 3rd centuries AD. Many of the wonderful sculptures, such as Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne, are still situated in the place they were originally designed for.Many of the Italian masters are represented in the gallery, with works such as Lady With a Unicorn by Raphael, Bacchus by Caravaggio, and The Scourging of Christ by Titian.Another great gallery to visit on an educational travel excursion is The National Gallery of Saint Luca, which is to be found near to Bernini’s beautiful Trevi Fountain. The academy was founded in 1593 to promote the arts and architecture of the city. Every member of the Academy was called upon to donate a work and this has resulted in an eclectic collection – with works by Titian, van Dyck and Raphael to be found there.One of the oldest collections in the world is housed at the Museo Capitolini, which was founded by Pope Sixtus IV in 1471. It started off with a collection of bronze statues and now houses examples of Greek, Etruscan, Egyptian and Roman art. There is also a painting gallery, with work by Tintoretto, Caravaggio and Rubens.Contemporary ArtFor contemporary art lovers visiting Rome during an educational travel experience, a visit to the Maxxi, the National Museum of Art from the 21st century, should definitely be on their itinerary. The building itself is the creation of Zaha Hadid and is a curved structure of glass, steel and concrete. Accessing the collection is via bridges and ramps.
The gallery opened in 2010 and contains work by Anish Kapoor and Francesco Clemente.

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Another must visit is the Macro, which is situated on Via Nizza in a disused Peroni beer plant. It has an archive of works by the collagist and painter Mario Schifana and is the fun loving cousin of the Maxxi – with some very interesting toilet facilities! Outside the building old meets new in the exposed remains of an ancient Roman house that was uncovered during the restoration.Visiting Rome is always a pleasure and for art loving students on educational travel tours, additionally so. Everywhere you look on the streets of Rome you will see impressive sights, but visiting these galleries will be an even more rewarding experience.